What is the best way to classify soccer betting tipster sites?

Looking for football betting tipsters has a fun-side that often gets ignored in the rush of locating the best soccer prediction site. Every football prediction website represents a tipster that could be over-enthusiastic about his work or he could be a serious guy. You will visit different tipster sites and get meet different tippers.

Here we’ll discuss the fun side of tippers and analyze the ways they push their tips. Also, we’ll give stars to those tippers according to their performance.

Here we go….

  • 1Star: These are the saddest lot always talking about the darker side of football betting. They deal with soccer in detail and then add gambling to the discussion. You will find tons of content on their sites but there will be no good football bet ideas. After making you read all the content and see pictures and watch the videos, some websites have videos as well, they will ask you to buy tips. But you won’t find any reason to buy tips from their sites.
  • 2Star: These guys are a level up from the 1Star tippers. They’ve something new to offer. For example, they will tell give details about their strike rates. Also, they can give hints about their inside connections. Excited to sell their tips, they will display all their ammo hoping that the visitors would be impressed with the details. Also, they’ll keep offering the best football bets for today between the details.
  • 3Star: These tipsters seem to be confident about their tips. They won’t start with the comparison of their tips with others or education on soccer betting but with a direct offer. These guys think that the visitors have come to their sites for buying tips and not for education. You can say that they take punters lightly or they understand the psychology of bettors better than others. Also, the visitors like their approach that is direct.
  • 4Star: What if you are offered a guaranteed tip for the bet you want to play? You will think twice before turning the offer down. Soccer is a game of uncertainty but you have an assurance of winning. If the tip fails to materialize, you will get a winning tip in replacement. It is a great offer and a safe bet. These guys give more in return.
  • 5Star: These are the best guys to buy tips from. You will get good football bet ideas from these sites. They will give you interesting information about football matches and give complete details about their association with soccer and work experience.
  • 6Star: A few sites get six stars. These sites are run and managed by experienced tippers. These tipsters have links to big betting syndicates and also they have the knowledge needed to provide the best football bets for today. They use mathematics with inside information to break odds.
  • 7Star: This is the best soccer prediction site you can rely on without any fear or apprehension. You will like the site from its design, presentation and inside connections and experience. And you will find many positive feedbacks about this site. There will be no dearth of reasons to rely on this tipster website.

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