What are the traits of a VIP football prediction site?

A VIP football prediction site deserves the best price for its tips but not all tipster sites can achieve the VIP status. But every tipper wants to achieve that status and the profit that comes with the high position.A VIP football prediction site would need little marketing because of its popularity. But others would need branding their websites. How a tipster can brand his website to sell more tips?

Online marketing can help tippers in highlighting their presence but they won’t rely only on SEO, SMO or PPC. The tipsters would want to do whatever they can to get visibility.

Here’s all a tipster can do to highlight his presence

Positive reviews

A tipper can request his clients that are bettors to write reviews on his website and tips. Or he can himself write positive reviews to rate his site as high as he can. Each positive review will be counted as a vote in favor of the tipper.


He can become a blogger to promote his website. Writing blogs is a good idea to communicate with targeted bettors. He can write informative blogs and promote those blogs.

Social media

The best thing a tipper can do to promote his website is to optimize the site for social media. He can make interesting profiles on popular social media platforms and try connecting with as many social media enthusiasts as possible.

Expert opinion

There are many websites that claim to be experts on tips. A tipper can approach these sites and requests the experts to include his site in their directories.


Search engine optimization is a popular way of achieving a high search engine rank and visibility. But a tipper would need the help of an experienced SEO guy to market his site on search engines.

Paid marketing

Internet traffic can be bought to surge a website. The tipper can invest money on buying web traffic and in this way get targeted traffic for his site.

How can you locate a reliable tipster?

A tipper interested in expanding his reach would do everything he can do to become visible for targeted audiences.

SERPs: You will find your tipper on search result pages and rely on the top ranking sites. You can rely on the artificial intelligence of search engines for locating a reliable tipper.

Social media: Today there is hardly a person without a social media profile. Soccer betting enthusiasts share their experiences on social networking sites. You can learn many things from their experience.

Reviews: A tipper that has many positive reviews would look more reliable than others. You will want to rely on the genuine reviews by bettors.

A tipster can achieve the high status where he can ask whatever price he feels right for his tips only after getting experience. Also, he has to prove that he is capable of giving correct football fixtures predictions every time.

One thing you should keep in your mind is that the best soccer tips can never be for fixed matches and if you are offered fixed match tips, you should understand that you are being targeted.

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